How to Start an MLM Business – The Top 3 MLM Business Mistakes

If you’re looking to start an MLM business there are certain mistakes you’ll want to avoid making. These are mistakes that newbie’s and veterans alike make. They can often hinder your success with your MLM business. Knowing these mistakes can make all the difference in helping your business get in profit as soon as possible.

Start An MLM Business Mistake #1

Not finding an mlm business that has a good comp plan. This is text book. Who wants to be bothered with having to balance the legs and all that nonsense? Give me a simple comp plan so I can blow it out. Most newbie’s just want to get started and make good money. But once they see that the comp plan is ridiculous they get discouraged. Check to see if your company does charge backs. Check and see how soon you can get the big checks. This is important. This leads into the next mistake.

Start An MLM Business Mistake #2

They start out with low ticket item products instead of top tier opportunities. If you’re looking to earn serious money in a hurry, it’s very hard to do so selling a $12 product or service. This also discourages a lot of network marketers. I suggest you look for top tier opportunities where you can make big bucks in a short period of time. How? Easy. You aren’t selling those low ticket item products and instead you’re getting bigger checks sooner.

If you want to earn 10 grand per month reverse engineer from that $10,000 and see how much it would take you to get there. With a $12 product that would take the efforts of you and your downline moving something like 830 products. Ouch. But if we’re talking a product that goes for $500 it doesn’t require a whole lot more of an effort if done right. And the rewards are out of all conceivable proportion.

Start An MLM Business Mistake #3

This is a big no-no. So many people make the mistake of following their company directives and recruiting their family and friends. They think this is the best way to do it. Well I feel this is false thinking.

I have personally lost friends over this. After trying to recruit one of my buddies into two of my opportunities he stopped taking my calls. He started acting cold towards me. And he told my friends that I’m trying to use him. Well that’s what I get for trying to mix business with friendship. Some people don’t take it the way us entrepreneurs think.

We think we’re sharing and helping. But to someone who is content with a 9-5 our thinking just doesn’t make sense. Besides, my friend wasn’t even a targeted prospect. He had no interest in my products.

The better way to do it is let people find you through your marketing materials that speak directly to them. Now instead of chasing and losing friends, you’ll have someone who is interested in your business and targeted. It’s much easier to add people into your business this way.

Most Common Online Business Mistakes to Avoid

Not all online business opportunities are the same. Too many times, people make mistakes in the choosing. Here are top ten internet home based business mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1. Believing that network marketing will make you a millionaire. Yes, it’s true that some people have grown rich out networking. However, this doesn’t mean that everybody who’s into networking will all be millionaires. Be realistic. A legitimate online business can be a great source of income but don’t expect to earn millions out of it.

Mistake #2. Joining a network that will not require you to sell anything. What no products to sell? Some people may be tempted with the idea that they’ll earn big without the need to sell. Yet, this should be a warning sign for everyone that the business could be a fraud. Any business that expects to make decent earnings should have something to offer their customers. Without products to sell, where do you expect to get your money?

Mistake #3. Expecting to earn huge cash in just a short time. Every marketer should realize that venturing in a business is not an instant money-making scheme. In order to see results, you need to exert lots of effort and it usually takes time.

Mistake #4. Going for the easy money. Again, the importance of hard work cannot be emphasized enough. If a certain business opportunity promises you easy money, back off right away.

Mistake #5. Taking something for free. Marketing lines such as “you’ll get a free product or free cash bonus just by signing up” are one of the things you should watch out for. Before grabbing any offer, it is best to take a good look at the background and reputation of the company and the people behind it.

Mistake #6. Not doing your homework. Every aspiring network marketer should take the time to do his homework. Research about the company’s history and background. What is the company’s track record in the business? Who are the members of the business? What do they have to say about the company?

Mistake #7. Investing huge money for the sake of profit. Putting in a large investment is a very risky step when it comes to network marketing. If you’re promised to double your investment after a given period, don’t believe it. Nobody can guarantee the result of business, especially not in networking. Better yet, stay away from online business opportunities that require you to submit a payment.

Mistake #8. Not considering the quality of the products. Before joining an online business, make sure that you’ve also done enough research on the products you’ll be selling. Are they of high quality? Would people be interested in buying? Do you have target prospects to sell your products to?

Mistake #9. Jumping from one MLM to another. Don’t get your hands full in managing different businesses at one time. Focus on just one online network marketing business instead and do your best to gain results.

Mistake #10. Giving up right away. As soon as you have found a legitimate online network marketing business, be sure to have enough patience and determination to stick with it. Not seeing results on the first few weeks is not a sign that you have chosen the wrong business.

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5 Optimization Tips For Your Next Online Marketing Strategy

Expanding the image of your brand, increasing the interest people have in your company and boosting sales and profit is the main objectives of an online marketing strategy. These should be your number one concerns when analyzing the success of your marketing strategy.

But what about the marketing strategy itself. How do you optimize your marketing strategy in order to accomplish these common goals? I would like to share some optimization tips with you that you can use and implement in your next strategy. These tips will help you increase your chances of running a successful strategy, and will help you create a more streamlined strategy.

1. Effective and clear communication

The first thing you need to do to ensure your strategy is adequate is to ensure that your message is clear and effective. Make sure that your readers will easily understand what your message is about, and what you can offer them. The clearer your message, the more targeted your audience.

2. Target your audience

If you don’t know who you’re targeting, then you won’t be able to reach the right audience. Do proper research before launching your marketing campaign. Examine your competition and discover your target audience. By knowing who to target, you will be able to have a much more successful strategy. Your marketing costs will also decrease and you will be able to direct your campaign to the right people.

3. Use all your options

Online marketing can consist of a large variety of options, platforms, mediums and more. You should analyze your competition and determine all options available to you. Use all of the relevant options that can help you boost the success of your marketing campaign.

Your options might include SEO, blogging, social media marketing, link building, press release distribution, etc. Find out what works for your competition and you will know what options will work for you.

4. Research and improve

Once you have a strategy in place, you should do some research and improve your strategy in any way that you can.

Planning your initial approach to your strategy takes a lot of time, and can hold errors and issues. This is why you need to go through everything, research all aspects of your strategy and analyze your competition. By doing this, you’ll be able to easily identify problem areas in your online marketing strategy, and fix them before launching your strategy and wasting money.

5. Analyze the results

Once you’ve launched your online marketing strategy, you should closely analyze the results it’s bringing. Draw regular reports and analyze the results your online marketing campaign is bringing you. Once your campaign has been running for a couple of days, you should also look out for any part of your online marketing campaign that’s not performing as expected – try to adjust these parts of the campaign to improve your results.


Online marketing is a serious task. You need to work hard, do your research and take the time to set up a proper plan for your online marketing campaign. This will help you build a better brand for your business, drive more traffic and land more sales. By utilizing the five tips I mentioned here, you should be able to see an improvement in your online marketing strategy.